The Chronicles of the Iron Star Consortium

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The Chronicles of the Iron Star Consortium

Postby Darth Fanboy » Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:33 pm

The Magister-Patriarch of the Most Noble House Gredenko, the Honourable Lord Magister Hyronimo Shen-Gradenko the Younger, is well known for his patronage of the remembrancer communes and historiclans. With the dynasties of the Iron Star Consortium and the accumulation of worthies and vagabonds around them, becoming increasingly influential throughout the sector; he has commissioned a compilation of their histories and lineages.

Those who cooperate with the chroniclers will receive fame across the sector and in the annals of history. While the Emperor will know every man and woman's deeds in the hereafter, it is the mark of quill on parchment and chisel on stone that will grant immortality in the minds of the masses.

In a flagrant example of in-character bribery for out-of-character contributions between games, there is a bounty of 20 IP being offered by the STs for any character active this downtime who provides either a fully fleshed-out and updated Wiki entry or (for those with secrets they would rather the galaxy at large not know) a suitably cryptic Wiki entry and a background summary mailed to . We’re not going to define too closely what “fully fleshed-out” or “updated” mean, but 500 words seems a suitable ballpark, and any recent changes to the character should be mentioned.

We will be awarding this bounty along with the other downtime awards for any entries entered on the Wiki before the close of the post Shiver our Souls Downtime (the one opening on Friday 11-03-2016).

Please enter an Influence Action in your Downtime Submission noting that your character has been taking part in this. No skill or asset applications are needed, it’s just to make tracking this easier.
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