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Light Targeting

Postby Yoda » Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:18 pm

In the wake of the last event, and with a concern for both safety and appropriate night targeting, we have decided to make the following amendment to the rules regarding appropriate targets:

Torches which have been filtered to an alternate spectrum such that they are usable for safe traversing of terrain without being obvious or blinding are not considered valid targets at any point. Any other lights which are not filtered in such a fashion are considered appropriate targets. These targeting principles will apply both ways, and the only case where white lights will not be considered targets will be when being used by first aiders or marshalls, at which point no IC activities are likely to be taking place.

There may be situations where we use lighting for special effects or safe fighting areas. A certain amount of common sense is required in those situations, but storytellers will inform you if you cannot target particular lights for some reason. Adding into this, being able to target a light does not mean that you do not need to specify which light it is. If there are multiple people with white lights, you still need to clearly identify your target.

Going along with this change in targeting rules, we have an amount of red sticky-backed plastic available that we have used to modify our own lights. Any player is welcome to use this for converting their own torch if they approach us at an event to do so.

TL;DR: red torches for safety, anything else can be targeted. Ask at crew room for help converting your lights to red.
- Yoda.
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