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Change of Leadership

Postby horzabora » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:02 am

Good evening all,

I have a brief (but important) announcement to make regarding changes in the leadership structure at the top of the No Rest for the Wicked team.

Richard has after many games of hard work, a lot of stress and a few extra lost hairs decided that he wishes to concentrate on other projects (namely getting published) and that he wishes to step back from the position of Lead ST for No Rest for the Wicked.

Richard has over the last few years, provided me with some of the greatest storytelling collaboration of my career and has also become a close personal friend, leaving a positive mark on the game that will not be forgotten - I hope you will all take the time to thank him for his efforts and wish him all the best for the future.

Richard will be continuing as a Director of Conflict Resolutions (the company that legally runs these events) and will be continuing in a creative role with both the company and with No Rest.

Stepping into the forlorn hope of leadership is none other than than the 'Bad Boy' himself, Jamie Smith - who will be taking over as Lead Storyteller effective as of Thursday the 1st of December until the end of No Rest Season 1 (the event formerly known as Hera 2, now known as 'Where Angels Fear to Tread').

Jamie has plenty of experience in the area of running games, so I'm certain knows what he's getting himself into - and that you'll all welcome him appropriately.

Jamie has expressed a desire to continue his IC involvement and play at least one or two events out of the period he's supervising and we will be working with him to ensure that he can do so without spoilers and can enjoy the final arc of the game with his character - so please don't expect him to know everything about the metaplot (although he doesn't get off too easy, a bunch of it will fall to him).

Thanks for your time,
Robert Collins
Director, Conflict Resolution LARP
Rob Collins
Creative Director: Conflict Resolution
Lead Storyteller: Inquisition Chronicles
Storyteller: No Rest for the Wicked
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