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Goods for sale or trade

Postby theresponsibleone » Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:13 pm

To the Dynasties of the Rogue Traders, Owners of the Great corporations and Ship Captains, I offer greetings.

Myself and a group of partners in a recent endeavour have found ourselves in possession of a significant quantity of trade goods. While I am sure that we could sell the goods in their current location for a reasonable profit, I am sure that some of my trade orientated friends and loyal servants of the Emperor may be able to move them to another sub sector and make a tidy profit in doing so. And I very much like having rich friends.

Information on where the goods can be picked up from will be made available to a successful buyer. All goods listed are legal at point of sale. The goods available to sell are;

All measures given Imperial Standard for bulk interstellar shipping.

Goods for sale
Four units of Civilian Vehicles
Five units of Clothing
Eleven units of Consumer Tech
Ten units of Domestic Tech
Seven units of Industrial Tech
Seven units of Intoxicants
Seven units of Liquid Gases
Twelve units of Medicines
Four units of Natural Fabrics.
Nineteen units of Processed Food
Seven units of Processed Ores
Seventeen units of Promethium
Seven units of Servitors
Nine units of Synthetic Fabric
Fifteen units of Unprocessed Food
Twelve units of Water

I am willing to consider bids for individual goods, combinations or for all goods offered for sale. All goods have a reserve price beneath which they will not be sold.

Offers can be made in cash / thrones, goods in a sub sector ready for sale, or personal equipment. I see no point in receiving thrones you got from selling a thing if I then later buy it at a mark up.

Specific personal equipment I or my partners are interested in are listed below. Offers of other equipment would also be entertained. Please note that filthy xenotech items are of no interest, and would be illegal to provide due to a lack of warrant on my part. The list given may be updated as time goes on.

Equipment currently of interest:
Plasma Pistol
Bolt Pistol
Conversion Shields
Fire Selector
Underslung Grenade Launcher
Amputator Bolt Shells
Frag Grenades
Frag Rifle Grenades
Scare Rifle Grenades
Cherub Servitor or Carytid which can aid political matters

Trade offers can be made privately or publicly. Final deadline for trade agreements will be made available at a later date.

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