Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing

Postby SteveC » Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:24 pm

The ships had fully transitioned into the Empyrean although he had yet to become used to the different vibrations that the new Warp-Drive sent through the floorplates of the Songs of Terra. Avonis arrived back in his sanctum and slumped at his desk. He had waited until all the necessary departure arrangements had been made and everyone else had retired before finally allowing one of his Physiks to deal with the wounds from earlier. In front of his desk there remained one of the few still uncovered windows on the ship and he gazed at the kaleidoscope patterns of the Geller Field for a few moments before activated the luminators above the portraits next to the window.

Avonis stared intently into the eyes of his father recalling how they had seemed to him as a child when their piercing glare had uncovered any attempt at deception easily. At his father's right shoulder was the figure of his eldest brother, Arturos already in his manhood when the portrait had been commissioned and the very image of the dashing heir apparent. In the foreground two younger boys stood a father's hand on one shoulder of each. Avonis the younger of the two and the traitor Gannis looking back out at him. This was the last portrait of Gannis that existed now, kept as a reminder that his treason had remained unanswered for the last two decades. Well now it had been answered. Finally it seemed that the traitor had stopped running mistakenly believing that the Arch-enemy would protect him from justice. Now then there was no need to keep the portrait. Avonis rose slowly from his seat before taking down the portrait and carrying it over to the fire.

"Last man standing." he whispered as he placed the portrait atop the flames and took a step back. Pouring himself a drink as he watched the flames catch on the canvas and the faces melt away like the streams of liquid colour that played outside the window. He reached down into his pocket and took out the small pict projector he carried there. An image of a very young girl appeared like an island of vivid colour amid the gloom of his surroundings.

I will have it all brother, but by my own hands not through the bargaining away of my immortal soul and very being like you would have had me do. Then one day it will all pass to her and she will never know she had two uncles nor will she have to worry that a traitor almost brought our family to destruction. All this will be my legacy to her and her children. The legacy is all that matters. he thought as he smiled at his daughter's image.

With a final drink the glass was emptied and as the last corners of the portrait disintegrated in the fire Avonis, the last male Hastreme walked out of the room heading to the Astropathic Choir room to prepare himself to send a message in time for his daughter's birthday.
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Re: Last Man Standing

Postby mindwanders » Tue Nov 10, 2015 6:47 pm

Very nice :-)
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