The Strength of the Emperor is Humanity

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The Strength of the Emperor is Humanity

Postby Mr Prophet » Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:49 am

The pirates of the Thief Star talked a lot of shit about the God-Emperor and the Imperium. They claimed to love their freedom, to hate the Imperium for the controls and limits it places on others, painting themselves as romantic rebels. Truth is, they are small, petty beings who value their own concerns above the good or the suffering of their race as a whole. Their freedom is mere selfishness, and the truth is they're more slaves than any galley bondserf; slaves to their own petty thinking and fears.

The Black Spot has haunted these 'free men' for millennia, moving from hand to hand, turning brother against sister, captain against crew as each carrier strove only to be free of the curse by letting another suffer in their place. They never thought to turn and fight. They never thought to gird their champion with the Emperor's blessings and to stand behind him as a united front. The only strength they could understand was that in their hand and in their ship, and it was sorely lacking when it came to this battle. It was Brad who hunted the beast in the end, but I don't think that there are any among our company who would have shrunk from that duty.

The circle that surrounded that Stalker; that held fast against the fear and the fury; that drove it back to face its own hunter; that was the true strength of Humanity: To stand united by the Emperor's Grace and to know no fear.

The Greylark Council had the strength to drive us from their space, but they did not use it. Each one feared to act alone. Each one feared that, even in victory, they would be lost and forgotten by their brothers. They wheedled and cajoled, bargained and bartered, each one looking for their own good and no other, and thus they fell apart. The Black Maw sought to consume his brothers and was struck down, the might of his one vessel useless against the concerted fury of many. This example at last galvanised the pirate lords to strike at the Queen of Ravens, who had seemed so terrifying to them.

The truth that these lovers of freedom ignore is that the Emperor is freedom. Without Him, we are slaves - to demons, to fear and greed, and the darker parts of our own natures.

We are free when we are one, in His name.
"Yea, though I walk in the Shadow of Fell Powers,
I shall fear no Ruin.
Thy light and Thy sword defend me."
- Psalm Imperialis XXIII

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