Bounty for a bad man

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Bounty for a bad man

Postby Milofo » Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:50 pm

The desk before him was littered with papers and dataslates. Slates for permanence, paper for the deals that shall never be recorded.
He pushed aside the paper and laughed as he held the slate with the most recent deal to remember. He was unsure what made him prouder. Was it that he had shown up the scum of a pirate for doubting a warrior of the imperium or that he had convinced those around him the bet was won when the terms had been broken.

He was never afraid of the warrior losing to the creature of the abyss. Nor that he would lose his wager. Although if it had seemed the warrior would fall he would have abandoned the bet and raised arms to aid, regardless of the financial loss. None should fall to such evil no matter what the costs to me he thought.

"I have seen the darkness selling the lives of my fellow imperials can lead to and I shall never be like that heretic"

The victory was the warriors alone as none could harm the beast, but those that tried had made the deal void and the pirate should not have had to pay. Pity the fool did not expect that by claiming this was not a fair fight he had done nothing but put a target on his already wanted head.

Esperon smirked while thinking of the hunt and bounty they will claim for this fool. He bared this man no malice, however the thought of the thrones gained and the punishment this trader raiding scum would receive was bringing nothing but pleasure.

He leaned back in his chair held high his flask of personal reserve and proclaimed.

"Run or hide. I do not care. I shall have my bounty soon"

And then he set to planning his moves to secure this valuable head.
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