Studying the Enemy

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Studying the Enemy

Postby Alliandra » Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:36 pm

He circled again, watching me like a hawk, anticipating every move I make before I have even thought of it. The grace and speed he employs against me is incredible. I am already sweating just trying to have a chance to hold my own, never a hope of pressing the attack. He moves like liquid lightning and I know it is only a matter of time before I slip up, make a mistake he can exploit and then this ends.

Tall, lithe and dressed in furs and leathers, every inch of him is a warrior, from the pointy ears which his hair is carefully tucked behind, to the sturdy boots and the weapon; not as fine as mine perhaps, but of similar construction and unlike mine, wielded by a master of the blade.

My grip on my blade is slipping, my hands wet with my own sweat. Months of unending practice with the Eldar weapon I was gifted has left me not incapable of it, but the one I face far outmatches my meagre skills and I know it. But that doesn’t mean I give up, not remotely. I try a feint, moving my blade to the left and then swinging in an arc to the right. There is a brief moment where I almost think it has worked, but then there is a blur of motion and he turns the blade aside effortlessly. With one more flick the powerblade is torn out of my hands and clangs to the ground.

I fall to my knees, cradling my right hand which stings from the force required to disarm me. Words reach my ears, it takes me a little while to translate, my Eldar is still incredibly rusty.

“Better, but you still betray yourself a moment before you move.” Curious blue eyes meet mine and an alien hand reaches down to help me back to my feet.

I smile wryly in return, “Your people are so fast! Every time I think I have managed to get somewhere you show me how much more I have to learn.”

He nods, letting go of my arm and reaching down to carefully return my blade to me, “Why do you do this? You are not a warrior, you do not have to fight. Are you seeking glory?”

I sigh in response, “I do have to fight. Given what the Archon and his people have done I must be there to help stop them. But as for glory…” I shake my head, “That is one thing nothing I do will ever win me. It doesn’t matter if I am the one to kill him, so long as he is dead.”

There is another pause as the Eldar regards me carefully and then nods, “As you say. The hunt must go on. Shall we go again?”

I crick my neck and stretch briefly, smiling wryly to myself, “Why not? Anything that increases my chance of surviving what’s to come.”

He nods again, drawing his own blade again and dropping easily into a combat stance.

I wince slightly, pushing my tired body to match his stance. Both Dexter and Krychek have done much to improve my form with a blade, but what I learn here is not something they can teach me. I need to know how to fight one of them so when I face the threat of the Dark Eldar I will be ready.

For what they did to Krype, to Alluvian, to myself so long ago now; they will pay the price for all of it and I will be there and not disgrace myself, nor be a liability. Whether or not I can kill the Archon personally matters little. He will die and I will be there to see it.
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