A Promise

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A Promise

Postby Snarfeh » Thu May 19, 2016 9:50 pm

I'll admit it. I lie and I cheat. A lot. But not to those I care about, not to those I trust. If I give my word to one of them, by the God -Emperor, I'll keep it.

Raina was one of them.

"Raina has been taken"

I'm not sure who even said those words first. My mind was still awash with the heady heights of combat, and whatever MacCrade has pumped into my veins. The face might be a blur, but those words burned into my brain. Then another word flashes before my mind "Margorach".


And so here I am, waiting for Death.

A skull looms out of the shadows, the light from Varyagas moon making it seem like it's floating.

"You asked for me Dannsair ri Ceal?" His voice sounds hollow from inside that leering visage.

"Margorach, one known to you as Raina has been taken by your Dark Kin, and I need your help. She's in the Webway somewhere, and we can't get to her. We've done what you've asked of us in the past, will you now do something for us?"

He tilts his head, in that infuriating manner of his, "You realise there is only one release Death offers? Are you willing to go that far?"

I stare into those dark orbs he called eyes, "Yes. I swore to her that I'd see her released, one way or another"

"Then you must become your name Dannsair ri Ceal, you must Dance with Death once more, or she will continue to suffer"

I take a deep breath and swallow hard. Shit, I had feared he'd do something like this. But nothing is free in this universe, we all have to pay, and at least this time I'm more prepared for it, "If I must."

He stares at me for some time, then he reaches up and removes his helm. Huh, it's not the same Eldar as previously. Makes sense I suppose. He extends his mask to me, "Then go and Dance, Margorach"

I take the mask and stare into it's blank orbs, when I look up, the Eldar is long gone. "Well, get on with it Hark, you don't have all night" I mutter to myself, as I slowly lower the helm down my face

A thousand voices threaten to overwhelm me; memories pour forth into my mind. Eldar voices; both male and female. All previous wearers of this Mask. I stagger and go down on one knee, eyes clenched shut, hands pressed to my temples. "I am Hark, I am a son of Corvus Major, and I am human."
My voice becomes some thing else. It has an Eldar tint, that odd dual cadence they have. "I am a Margorach. I am a servant of Cegorach, and I am Death." My mind screams, that's not right. No, I'm not that. I will not fall, I will not fail. After what seems like an eternity, I open my eyes, and breath. "I am Hark, and I am the Margorach. I am Death." It's my voice, and his.


I glide through the Webway, walking steps I once walked, years ago at the Saturnalia. I dance between ebony buildings, all sharp angles and blades. The Dark Kin avoid me, it seems like I am one of the few things they fear. Apart from Her, they fear Her the most. I enter one building, I'm not sure why, until I see the marking of the Archons Kabal.
A scream washes over me and I falter. It's her, Raina is here. This is why I entered this charnel house, this is why I donned this mask.

I slip into the room, and what I see breaks my heart: I'm about to kill a friend. I look towards the Archon, he's not noticed me yet I could kill him, right here, right now. My hand reaches for my bolt pistol, slowly curling around the handle. That is not why you are here. a voice echoes in my mind Death will come for him, but not tonight, and not here. If you stray from the dance, you will fail everyone you care about

There is a whisper as the pistol clears the holster.

"I am here for her"

A smile
A gunshot
A promise kept.
Lord Aurelius Hark

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