Through Dangers Untold...

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Through Dangers Untold...

Postby Ghost » Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:19 pm

I grip the crystal in my hands. This the final reward for my trials, for every cut in my flesh and dent in my armour. For every drop of blood spilled by me and mine.

"Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered... I have fought my way here to the Fortress beyond the Eldar City... For my will is as strong as yours... and my kindgdom is as great....You have no power over me."

I try to lift it, but the crystal does not move. Then Lucius places his hand atop mine.

"*They* have no power over *us*."

I smile.

"Ave Imperator."

Hypatia adds her hand. Her voice rings out clear as a church bell in this place of darkness.

"Ave Imperator" she says, her skin glowing with holy light.

Hark holsters his pistol, his hand joining the rest.

"Ave Imperator" he intones, and in that moment he is not the Death Jester, the mask of blood vanishes, he is whole and entire himself and here to serve His will.

I feel His light surge into my chest, washing over the four of us and banishing the darkness.

"In His Holy Name I free you from this torment! AVE IMPERATOR" I bellow the last words in sync with my battle brothers and sister, and the soulstone prison comes free from its pedestal, which in turn begins to crumble.

The crumbling corrupted wraithbone begins to spread, cracks in the walls and floor become evident. There is an ominous rumble.

Time to leave before we are trapped here. No words are necessary as we ready ourselves to fight our way out, a ballet of destruction and holy, righteous violence.

I promised Tryskellan they all would burn, every last xenos filth, and as the fortress crumbles behind us in a nimbus of His Holy Flame I cannot help but smile.

I had come to believe there was no place for faith beyond the line.

It seems that I was wrong.
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