A memory lost

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A memory lost

Postby lilsarah » Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:32 pm

The corridor was dark and getting darker as more smoke kept flooding in from various junctions and ducts along the length. It stuck in throat and nose, burning and making her want to gag. In some places fires had broken out adding to the uncomfortable, and deadly, atmosphere. Of course given the way the metal was twisting and shrieking with the repeated tremors of distant explosions it was a question as to which hazard would succeed in killing them first. It was a long list of possibilities.

As she crawled through a section that had collapsed completely she couldn't help but notice the trail of sticky dampness left in her brothers wake as he led her ever onwards. Some of it probably belonged to the owner of the leg, the only part she could see sticking out of the wreckage, but only partly. Was it her of did his unnaturally thin frame seem even frailer than normal? His white skin paler? She couldn't raise it with him though. Even if she hadn't been his baby sister there was that look in his eyes that she knew too well, he wouldn't back down from wherever they were going, trying to talk to him about it was pointless. Even at fourteen he already had the confidence, and stubbornness, of men twice his age.

The metal groans were getting louder too. Where were they? She'd never been in this part of the ship before but was sure they must be reaching near the outer hull by now. There was some light here and what it illuminated froze her heart. The thin shirt he was wearing clung to his back in patches of darkness that were growing rapidly. As if to emphasise the point he staggered as the deck heaved again and he had to reach with his free hand to steady himself. He still didn't let go of the grip he had on her, his much larger hand encircling her wrist.

Suddenly they came to a stop beside an odd looking door. He spent a few precious, terrifying minutes doing... something to the panel beside it. The door open with a suddenness that made her jump and she whirled to look at it, promptly receiving a shove in the back that sent her staggering into the cramped space beyond. As she turned her eyes found her brothers once more, black just like her but lacking the third, then he tossed a heavy bundle beside her and bolted her inside. The last thing she saw was his slumped and broken form as the capsule detached from the doomed ship drifting off into space.
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