Hard Landing

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Hard Landing

Postby Armagite » Sat Oct 22, 2016 2:19 pm

The pressure started building as soon as the pod entered atmosphere,Rolento and his team started final checks.
Glancing at the pods display he starts barking orders.
"Right we have TD in 4, I want a safe harbour in 5. Xenos in the area are know hostile and heavy... Gagman, You take Bud and Spide!" A loud crunch shake the pod the another and another. He leans into the pods display again and warning lights flash up.
"Delay that, Prep for Hard landing! Pod breach in less then 20 secs.. Rose,Bull,Sandy out of your seats now!" The trio hit the release buttons as a ripping sound slow gains in pitch. "Weapons Ready!" the area where the litte group was sitting starts shacking out of time with the rest of the Pod and then is gone. The howling that follows is deafening even with helmets and breathers on. Rose gets sweep though the hole when he fails to grab onto something. His com silent till a single word.
"Fucker." The flash of a plasma nads is visible in the dark... the silhouettes it leaves give the group a idea of the nightmare outside.

"Hammer keep that hole clear. Rest of you drop weight, we have to jump in 2."
Thankfully the pod gyros where keeping it steady but the display warned the retros had been smashed.

Most of the team had dropped armour and where packing what ammo they could as a clawed thing took both Wings and Gagman in the chest. Hammer was unloading with the heavy bolter into it but it wasn't enough and the stinger like tentacles wiped in and ripped both out of the hole with it.
"Right give hammer time to unpack, then I eject the door... in one-twenty people"
The hammering was constant, the hole was now packed with Xenos bodies... the howling of the wind and xenos a dulling roar.

Right I want munitions that we can't carry rigged to pop and out the door ahead of us.. give us time for shoots to work.. 20 secs. I'll let off a shot to signal. I want you all to copy and I'll fire again for rally. Clear?!" He looks at the group.. hard people, if they can get to the ground it will give them a chance.

The door pops off and again the howling increase... Nef and Tapout throw the ammo creat and 5 secs later the air becomes fire. "GO,GO, GO!. Burn you shacks of shit! MOVE!" The world was coming up fast.. He still had Vox coms but all about him was filled with teeth and wings. The pod gave warning of the ground as it slammed into the ground, it lite up the area. A few frags above him and Rolento pops chute.

The ground is moving...no he is.. cutting the straps he lands the last 15 feet easy. Nothing over vox, good.. the area is alive with sound but no fire. good.
He looks at his watch, MTE 00:20. pulling out his plasma pistol he fires a shot up and counts.
"One...Two,Three...Shit not a good start."
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