It is life, it is death.

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It is life, it is death.

Postby Ger » Tue May 30, 2017 6:24 pm

The lander was silent, a tomb. The greif of all those onboard shaming the machine spirits into submission. They all held hands, staring at the shrouded figure before them.

As the lander came to rest and the ramp began to open and Ghosts family began t carry him home. As they cleared the ramp they could see the titanic landing bay was packed with the combined might of the Tryskellan Dynasty. Commandos, Regulators, Wraiths, Black Knives all in their finery. Thousands stood to attention as the party walked slowly from the Lander.

The silence was shattered abruptly as ten thousand voices roared their battle cries, expressing the fury and grief that hung over them all. Thunder rolled as a full regiment of Arborian troops stamped their feet as hard as they could in practiced unison. They were all blooded veterans, this was not the first time they would honour a fallen hero. KA MATE! It is life. KA ORA! It is death. Tears streamed from their eyes as they carried him through this deafening show of respect. Their ears rang and each thud of booted feet could be felt in their chest. None flinched, they carried him home as he had lived. Bloody but unbowed.

With a final roar so loud that the Arch Enemy would falter and the dance was over. Silence and bowed heads. Brad did not weep, he had no tears left. He simply smiled softly and remember his last words to his little brother. I love you Ghost.
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