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Tickets for Dark Deeds

Postby Yoda » Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:25 am

Evening fellow travellers,

Apologies for this email being sent quite so late both in terms of how close it is to the formerly announced time of sale, and in relation to the hour itself.

Previously, we announced that tickets would be going on general sale on the 31st of March at 7pm but those plans have had to change. We had an unsurmountable technical issue over the weekend (while I was in a field with no signal) and as such our early access players were denied the opportunity to book their tickets. In order to allow them to do so, we have extended the early access cut-off to the 3rd of April at 18:00. This means that tickets will go on general sale on the 3rd of April at 19:00.

Tickets will be available through our new ticket portal at - please be aware that this is an alpha build and is not a finished project. Please also be aware that Tixty is not run by Conflict Resolution LARP Ltd and as such technical issues should not be directed to the storytelling team but to

While you will not be able to buy tickets for general sale yet, you can register on the Tixty website now which will expedite your ticket purchases later.

TL;DR: Tickets will be available for general sale on April 3rd at 19:00 on

Be seeing you,

No Rest for the Wicked
- Yoda.
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Re: Tickets for Dark Deeds

Postby Jodikat » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:58 pm

Hi - I'm not seeing the tickets available?

edit: nevermind, see them now.
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