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Humans Are Such Easy Prey - OOC Briefing

Postby Hazel » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:49 pm

Hello lovely Victi- I mean, players! Here is an OOC brief on things relevant to your packing and planning:

OOC Arrival: You can arrive on Thursday evening if you like, and stay over on Sunday night if you like. We will not provide catering for these times - catering starts from Friday dinner and ends Sunday breakfast (although there will probably be left overs for lunch). Please tidy up after yourselves on Friday morning so we can set dress the main IC rooms, and help with non-secret set up would be very much appreciated. Arrive any time after 4pm on Thursday, and we need to be off site by 12 noon on Monday.

Friday Time In will be a 'hot drop 'and the event is a 'limited supply' event. This means you will not have access to any kit that you are not carrying. You will not be able to pop back to the landers to get that extra rocket launcher or that dataslate which would be just the thing for this puzzle, you cannot leave things OOC in your bunks then bring them IC later.
Powers that provide equipment will still function and there may be opportunities to loot equipment, for which you can use your own phys reps once you have it, but we offer no guarantees.

Consumables: please phys rep your consumable items (this is primarily drugs and ammunition).

For drugs: you don't need an individual phys rep for every single item you've got, but we expect you to a) keep track of how much of your stash you have used, b) have an appropriately sized container for your stash that isn't filled with other things, and c) phys rep the drug when you are using it - this can be all sorts of things, pills, syringes, potion bottles, etc. as appropriate.

For ammunition: You don't need a phys rep for every single round you have, but we are operating a 'don't take the piss' system where we expect you to have an appropriate phys rep for the rounds you have with you. For example:
  • If you have 10 clip phys reps, you have 10 clips of ammo and when that runs out you're done until you can get more.
  • If you have an appropriate container and 2 clip phys reps, you can 'refill' the clips from the container a sensible number of times depending on the size. Keeping a note on a slip of paper in the container would be a good idea.
  • If you have 2 actual clips for your gun, plus 4 clip phys reps for a different gun that don't fit but are about the same size, or 4 boxes that look a bit like clips if you squint at them, you have 6 clips to use and then you're done
  • If your gun doesn't take clips, a container with a sensible number of rounds, or 'clips' to phys rep how many reloads you've got, is all fine.
  • If it helps keep track, put your used phys reps OOC and fetch them back out if/when you get more ammo.

Please remember different guns have different clip sizes. An 18-round plasma gun clip should be much larger than a six shot stub-revolver clip (and thus you can carry fewer). As above we're operating a 'don't take the piss' policy on this. If you have any questions, please ask.

Card tests: Time-pressure (among other things) is a feature of the event, please remember to roleplay for the appropriate amount of time for the test you are doing.

Content and themes: As noted previously, this is a sci-fi horror game. The game will include loud noises, flashing lights, and things jumping out at you. We will telegraph linears that contain very enclosed spaces, slime/goo, or particularly strong themes of torture or mutilation, so you can choose to avoid them, however discussion or repercussions around these themes may still happen in the main area so they are unlikely to be completely avoidable.
If you would like any more information on this, please PM me on Facebook or the Forum, or email the storytellers address and they'll pass the query on, and I'm happy to discuss it.
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