Nerf pistols, tac vest, pocket belts

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Nerf pistols, tac vest, pocket belts

Postby Jodikat » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:08 pm

Hi guys; as you know I got this new character and I'm not rich so I figured before going out and looking to buy kit new/on ebay I would see if any of you have old stuff you might sell off.

I am looking for:

Nerf/appropriate phys rep pistol - something that can be used one handed and represent a Bolter Pistol

Holster for above

Some sort of tac vest or tac harness or other flak armour looking thingamajig, preferably in black

Belts and pouches and other random cool military-looking straps covered in pockets with which to drape myself. And maybe a face mask. So like general airsoft/paintball stuff.

Trousers with kneepads in, but I know that ones a long shot cause ain't none of y'all my size.

Also anything with a spider motif.

So please lemme know if you got stuff you're not using and looking to sell off.
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