Tabletop Recruitment - Only War and Deathwatch

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Tabletop Recruitment - Only War and Deathwatch

Postby horzabora » Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:02 pm

Good afternoon all!

As a reward to myself for having survived No Rest for the Wicked Event two, I've decided to let myself run a few tabletop games again. I know, that doesn't sound like a reward to most of you, but I've long resigned myself to my role in life as a storyteller and if I'm going to play the games I want, then I need to run the majority of them.

I am intending to start up one or two new games, depending on the interest and since they're set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, I thought I would advertise here.

These games take place in my own variant of the published settings for Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, Only War, Dark Heresy and Black Crusade and are part of an overall larger setting. The wiki for the one existing game (which is open to players but isn't running as regularly as it did as we're all a bit Rogue Tradered out) can be found here:

The first new game, Days of Glory will be an Only War game, which is my attempt a running Band of Brothers (or any war movie you care to name) and will focus on a group of soliders in the Imperial Guard. This has a large player limit (11 people, about the most that fit in my living room) and has no currently defined background, as I expect the players to help build a new Imperial Guard regiment. The wiki (front page only) can be found here:

The second game, Deaths Dream Kingdom, will be a Deathwatch game. This is my attempt to run Space Marines in the Jericho Reach and will focus on the Dread Pattern, the Unbeholden Reaches and the mysteries and secrets contained within. This is about taking Marines out of their element and watching them grow as people (which all the best Marine stories do, in my opinion) rather than a simple shoot 'em up. Due to the singular nature of Marines, I've also opened this up to Sisters of Battle, Inquisitors and Assassins who might be attached to the Deathwatch and assist a kill-team, but the focus is on the Marines and their Long Watch.

This game has a smaller player limit - eight at most, five marines plus three others. That mix can change slightly, but combat balance is hard to achieve at more than that.

The wiki (again, front page only) can be found at:

In both cases, the games are open to my usual suspects (you know who you are) but I am looking to recruit new people (particularly as I'd like my games in the same universe to cross over one day) and so anyone I know is welcome. Because y'know, I'd like to get to know some of you better! To facilitate ease of play for those people who might need to travel, the game(s) will run once or twice a month on a weekend, for one long session (about 1300/1400 until we stop). Where appropriate, I'll also do my 'all weekend' game if there's interest in that style.

I am hoping to get a character creation session for the most popular of the two games sorted for the next couple of weeks, but I need players (with free time!) for that.

Interested parties should e-mail me, message me on facebook, phone me, message me here - whatever. I'm happy to talk concepts for either (although I would like the Regiment Creation part of Days of Glory, and thus most of the concept work to be a group thing) and sort out timings etc.
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