Ruin Raiders @ Conpulsion - Players Wanted

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Ruin Raiders @ Conpulsion - Players Wanted

Postby mindwanders » Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:28 pm

Hi folks,

I'm going to be running a competitive live action game at Conpulsion RPG Convention in Edinburgh on the 26th & 27th of April and I'm looking to pre-book four teams in for the early (10am and 10.30am slots) to set the bar for the other participants. I’m hoping some of the No Rest Players might be interested in putting forward a team or passing the request on to others that might?

You will have a set time to explore a post apocalyptic complex (in Teviot Underground), solve puzzles to obtain Stuff (which is worth points) and get your team out in one piece. You can then trade your stuff to other raiders and artisans to get Gear that will help you on a second run or can offer bonus points in the right combinations.

Teams can be up to six people and under 18’s are welcome as long as they are escorted by a responsible adult. There are Nerf weapons used in the game, but no LARP melee combat or human opponents. There is no expectation that people will be in costume, but I may do a prize for best costume if people are interested in coming along in kit?

There’s no charge to play (there will be a donations hat, for those that want to help us run more events in the future) But, players will need to pay for entry to the convention.

You can get more information on Conpulsion here:
More info on Ruin Raiders here:
The Saturday invite: ... 50/?ref=22
And the Sunday invite:
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