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Schisms thanks

Postby Hazel » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:29 pm

Posted this to Facebook but there's loads of crew and players I don't have on there.

I am knackered and cannot think in sentences, so remind me of other fun stuff from the event downthread if any come to mind - this is by no means a comprehensive list.

To start with though - fucking hell, the monster crew were amazing. Just... non-stop. Too many lovely talky NPCs to list. Excellent fights. Love you all.

The chess board! That Zaphod moment where we went from *thinking* we were the most important people in the galaxy, to having the galaxy tell you it's true...

My lovely crew as always. Even (especially?) when they cause chaos.

Matt's ruthless turn as Ghost/Archon in the trials of faith. You glorious bastard.

Ghost's epaulettes! :D so proud. Also, spent more of this event worrying about Ghost lying on the floor with something wrong with him than any game previous, I think. A new record.

Pretty much every interaction I had with the Cainite disciples. You guys are so much fun. Getting 'I'm not angry, I'm disappointed' from Chiddik was a particular highlight :)

Watching Abila give the iron men a Really Bad Day.

Getting to use my lore legend skill, and make Brad and Shane cry.

Everyone looked so lush in their fancy outfits. Particularly loved Jaxx's cog headband, and the Thalia IV national dress.

My outfit did not fall apart! People's reactions were excellent, and varied from appreciation to eye rolling. usually, with secondary reaction a minute or so later when they clocked the shoes...

Quiet chat with Hark and Hypatia.

Quiet chat with Tollman, asking him for advice. He's a real sweetheart when nobody else is looking.

Quiet chat with Lucius about staging an intervention on Hark. Also, ".... he let you wear his hat? Oh dear...." I think Tryskellan sees Lucius as her favourite grumpy uncle.

Quillan's excitement at almost getting to go whale hunting, and explaining why boats on planets were much safer than solid ground to an increasingly confused audience.

Not-dancing, much to the amusement of the statues. Smith has the patience of a saint.

The new IG characters! So very different but both awesome. I particularly loved the way Sweetwater balanced 'everything here is new and terrifying and what the fuck is wrong with you people' and 'exceptionally competent'. Thank you for rescuing our spectre!

Conversations with Pip about politics and warrants - "We dropped out of the sky and changed the world in less that 48 hours - *that's* why the politics is fun."

Picking a side in the election at dinner, and getting a clean sweep (although if it hadn't been for Shane and Brad I'd probably not have really talked to the Jarl at all).

Pride in Mr Grey stepping up to the arch-magos politics, combined with annoyance that he was choosing to politic by arguing with *me*...

Fighting spear-wielding iron men with sword and shield. Deeply satisfying.
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