The Hero's Reprieve - Description

A bar on Arkangel.

The Hero's Reprieve - Description

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A dark, smoke-filled bar with an opulent black marble and gold metal finish, The Hero's Reprieve is a hive for most of the wheat and chaff of ArkAngel. It's many tables tend to be occupied with workers and a few minor houses representatives, haggling and resting after a strenuous days work or trading. It's reputation however is garnered from the odd occasion where Heroes of the Imperium have graced it's rooms and halls.
The bartender, Yuri, is a human adorned with many discount cybernetics. He is a sight to behold when he works, but the patron's know that Yuri's word is law, and that to piss him off generally brings repercussion. After all, Yuri has his face plastered over the wall in picts standing alongside many of these heroes. Who knows what kind of support he can bring.
Security wise, Yuri's 'sons' (As they bear no genetic resemblance, however no-one smart enough comments on that) Krug and Krunch cut an imposing figure by the doors. Any commotion that reaches steel or powder is quickly shut down by the door sized muscle blocks. Fist fights however, are tolerated, with the loser being ejected from the bar unconscious and harbouring their broken ego.
Up the stairs there are a few rooms for accommodation, but generally these get filled by patrons who have had too much to drink.
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