Aid needed - Schattenberg and Corvus Major.

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Aid needed - Schattenberg and Corvus Major.

Postby Unifex » Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:33 am

I'm not going to waste anyone's time with dressing this up pretty.

Corvus Major had loosed on it four entities - Blame, Death, Pestilence and Famine. Pestilence got sent to boot hill, but not before there was an encounter with something that's going to haunt my dreams until my dying day - a building size monster with flies so thick you could couldn't see your hand before your face, and that left rivers of slime you could drown in behind it.

The other three are still loose, and we're fixing to rectify that in at least part.

I'd love to say that was the more urgent of the two needs. Schattenberg is also having problems - specifically with the infiltration of cultists, and an apparent attempt to have the planet - and probably an attempt to turn the sector - it independent from the Imperium.

My own opinion of the politics of the sector are well know - and negative. I'm not going to dress this up that the Sector Court deserve our help - In my opinion they don't. But the Sector does. After this is resolved, I will be having a separate undertaking to address those privileged members of society that allowed this circumstance to come to pass. But Schattenberg is a hive world with a population in the billions. I won't condemn them for the failures of others.

If you have time spare, please, speak with myself or Hunter Marshall Tridecima. If you can't spare time, but can money - or know which hands to grease, please speak with us.

Some Lord Captains have already spoken with us, and their assistance is critical. But if you aren't with a crew, or have anything untasked outside your obligations, the Sector is at risk of burning behind the line.

Task any Astropath to ((

In Faith and in Duty,


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Re: Aid needed - Schattenberg and Corvus Major.

Postby Kat » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:27 pm

Not 100% sure if its relevant to the Iron Star, but the cult on Schatternburg were on the chess board.

In case that helps motivate.

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