The Imperial Guard requests your aid!

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The Imperial Guard requests your aid!

Postby Simriel » Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:38 pm

It is not usual to request aid in matters of War from those who are not soldiers but I believe I am placed in a situation that leaves me with little else I can do.
Current intel suggests that a great champion of the Archenemy is set to use unsavory means to attempt to undermine the Imperial Guard defences on Korvonis. Reports suggest these means cannot be stopped with just Military Might but may be attacks on the hearts and minds of the brave soldiers defending the planet. Should this planet fall I believe a force of the archenemy the likes of which we have yet to see in our lifetimes will sweep forward across the Segmentum. This strange attack may be the first crack in the imperial armour that is needed to force this outcome. I do not ask for military strength but instead the other expertise that some of you may have. If you are willing to help I will be most appreciative and will see what I can provide in recompense.

Lord Commissar-General Tomas Rexuz, Military Commander, Korvonis Theater.

(medical/academic and/or religious method to successfully meet it. 750-1200 difficulty)
Commissar Tomas Rexuz
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