Declaration of Exterminatus – LV 7-86

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Declaration of Exterminatus – LV 7-86

Postby Designer Bloodstain » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:40 pm

Transmission begins.
Clearance: High – Iron Star Fleet
Datestamp: 4231804.385
Checksum: MD623.232.3132.6.6523.13674
Routing Protocol: Secure
Thought for the day: May there be mercy upon the souls of both Man and Machine.
Subject: Declaration of Exterminatus – LV 7-86

Colleagues of the Iron Star Consortium and beyond,

Due to the sheer degree of open corruption I witnessed upon the surface of the planetoid designated as LV 7-86 and the subsequent action that was taken to affect its destruction via focused atomic detonation and the resulting fusion reaction it is my duty to sign the death warrant for LV 7-86 and declare Exterminatus-Extremis upon it.

For those who still walked the surface of LV 7-86 at the time of our action, the Emperor knows His own.

May there be mercy upon their souls.

As per the Exterminatus protocol, the remains of LV 7-86 are hereby quarantined, let man tread there no more.

With regards,

Ambrose Cordell Tollman
Ordo Hereticus
War across the stars...for every child...
Designer Bloodstain
Ambrose Cordell Tollman
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