Existing Groups

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Existing Groups

Postby Yoda » Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:49 pm

Evening chaps, chappettes and Adam,

Having talked to members of the existing groups, they're all happy for me to publicise them a bit, so people know what there is in the game already, and can talk to them about having ties, and possibly being members.


Rogue Trader Dynasties
Alluvian Dynasty
The Alluvian Dynasty is headed by Lord-Captain Quartus Alluvian (Craig Odie aka Skiteddy), and their primary public endeavours are in finding new exotic beasts and selling them to the carnivora. The Lord-Captain is currently recruiting those of an open mind to serve as his bridge crew.

Colbrand Dynasty
The Colbrand Dynasty lost the head of the Dynasty back in 871.M41, and is now headed by Lord-Captain Regis Colbrand (Matt Byrne aka Castorlion). They engage in a variety of trade dealings and have ties to the Ecclesiarchy amongst their crew.

Hastreme Dynasty
The Hastreme Dynasty has been engaging in a series of shrewd investments and endeavours under the auspices of Lord-Captain Avonis Gul Hastreme (Steve Clapton aka SteveC). The Lord-Captain is open to recruiting associates to trade on behalf of himself and his dynasty.

Tryskellan Dynasty
The Tryskellan Dynasty is a small but ambitious dynasty led by Lord-Captain Lady Freya Tryskellan (Hazel King aka Hazel), currently renowned for her glorious assault on the forces of the Archenemy. The Lord-Captain and her seneschal are open to recruiting associaties to trade on behalf of the dynasty.

Nova Corporation
The Nova Corporation is a growing consortium based out of Krypte. Lord Grantham Craven (Paul Wurr aka Eladriell) is the CEO of the corporation, and has been leading the corporation into new fields across the sector. As ever, the Nova Corporation is always recruiting from all levels of society to fulfil its many needs and obligations.

The Pitbulls
The Pitbulls are a mercenary faction currently gunning for work with the Iron Star Consortium. With a range of specialities, they're available for hire at "reasonable" rates. Contact "Slice" (Ben McCallum aka hofoengenar) or Darius Wiech (Nick Brigg aka Feren) if you'd like to hire their services, or if you'd like to hear about the benefits that membership of the Pitbulls can provide.


It should be noted that all of the above descriptions are written from an IC general-knowledge context, and that I wrote them myself, without consultation from group leaders. If any group would like to provide their own PR blurb, they're more than welcome to - I won't mind. ;)

The names given are OOC contact points for the groups. They're people you can talk to about joining the groups, being associated with them, having ties or otherwise being involved with them. You'll note I've only provided forum names rather than email addresses - this is because I don't have permission to share those, not because they're not available.

As ever, people are free to create new groups - this post is to make people aware of all of the groups that currently exist, and to provide some idea of what's already out there.
- Yoda.
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Re: Existing Groups

Postby Ghost » Wed May 15, 2013 11:45 pm

The Mercutio Dynasty is now recruiting - please contact me via PM if you're interested in joining.

Primarily we want to travel beyond the line, meet new and interesting races...and then kill them and take all their stuff in the name of the God Emperor.

First order of the day will be to assist Lord Eberstark in the destruction of a chaos shipyard.
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