Looking for crew and/or links

Looking for more crew, a group, a dynasty, a Warrant to hide behind? How about friends, rivals, lovers and family? Ask here.

Looking for crew and/or links

Postby Andrew » Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:01 pm

Hello, as the title suggest I'm looking for some crew and/or other such links.

The Temple of the Unbroken Knot is a resurrectionist cult that believe there is an unbreakable bond between the God-Emperor and his children. As humanity grows and prospers so too does the God-Emperor. When Mankind is on the cusp of dominating the galaxy the God-Emperor will be reborn and lead humanity into a new golden age. Certain more radical members of the Temples leadership have taken it upon themselves to speed humanities dominion of the galaxy by whatever means necessary, believing that their sins will be washed away when the Emperor returns due to their efforts. This has resulted in them sending forth missionaries into the deepest depths of unknown space to bring back relics, technology and forbidden knowledge that they might bring about the emperors glorious return.

The crew of the Hymn of Radiance is one such mission. This crew has space for explorers of a moderate to radical mindset, clerics, sages and other knowledgeable types to uncover the secrets of the Emperors return as well as combat characters to protect them in the dark places of the unknown. There is very little scope for puritan characters and Adeptus mechanicus would only be appropriate as omnissian apostates.

The Temple use two knots side by side, a space and then a third knot as an identifying symbol and also uses a hand symbol of a clenched fist with the thumb and forefinger forming a circle. These are used to identify each other where adherents of the faith do not necessarily know each other.

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