Job opportunity!

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Job opportunity!

Postby Cathtice » Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:34 pm


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To: **OPEN**
From: Solveig Kjartansdottir, Office of the governor, Chelm

Following a successful action on-planet, the previous administration and a reasonable proportion of Chelm was set to some disarray. The planet itself is available for employment, redevelopment, investment and trade opportunities.

Those citizens of the Imperium who read this are welcome to submit tenders for what manpower, goods and services as they believe might be of interest to us. Reasonable negotiation will be available. Please contact this office via the usual methods. Executor Castellan will be acting in my stead at the Festival of Harmonic Convergence.

I remain,




For everyone who was involved in cleansing Chaos on Chelm, thank you very much for your actions and your enthusiasm! For everyone else, there was a epic battle with daemons on the streets and Baneblades tromping through large amounts of the planet looking for bad guys and beating them (and the surroundings) up. Which means we need to rebuild it...

If you have an existing character who wants to take a look at a way of earning money and influence, or if you're interested in a new character who's not associated with a Rogue Trader crew but who definitely has a reason to go out looking for things to do, I would love to hear from you. I am looking for any Traders who want to trade goods and services for WU and IP, Administratum recruiters, AdMech builders, Arbites, clerics of the God-Emperor... Okay, fine, I'll take whatever's going that's legal inside the Line if people don't mind putting actions into rebuilding Chelm in return for payment. :D


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